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Gameful will be blogging directly from the different Global Game Jam sites. Follow a series of news and on-going activities and much much more gained from this world wide event.
Jan 28 '12

Nordic Game Jam 2012 - Day One

Writing a delayed post on the first of the Nordic Game Jam, so far the biggest Game Jam out there.

The program started at 1 pm. I went to a combination of the Indie track and the Main track as follows:



- Why Being Poor and Having No Budget is Good for Making Games! by Petri Purho (Kloonigames)
Rochard: the Birth of an astro miner! by Damien Morello (Recoil Games)


Main Track

 Making board games: The LEGO-way – by Cephas Howard (Senior Design Manager, LEGO)

 Rapid game development in Unity by AngryAnt

IP licensing, management and Royalties, the traditional model! by Jon Hare (Tower Studios)


You can see the total program of the day here:

After this there was dinner, we had to eat quite fast because the last talk quite delayed and The Ministery of Culture had to quickly do their speech in order to catch a plane.

So, a bit hectic there, but it was managed after listening to a great keynote by Manveer Heir, Senior Programmer of Bioware, after that we got to listen to the Global Game Jam Keynote.

After this the group forming began:

People were split and were to gather round tables with different objects, after 10 min. or so a horn would blow you would have to move to a different table of interest to talk with other people about making a game about this certain object.

At the end I found a table with a music box which I found quite interesting, not long after a few others joined and we ended being a team of 5 people.

The name of our team became “Team Smiley Face” and the name of our game became at least for now “Carry On” the concept is still being developed but looks like music is going to play a central role of this game.

Within a few hours the team managed to come up with a decent concept for our prototype through brainstorming, so that meant we also could go home earlier and get some sleep before the big day Saturday.